I'm Frankie Heckman, Im 32 years old, half American half Dutch living in the Netherlands. Working in events & Music for almost 12 years as event organizer and also performer. Now I am a front-end Developer in training and my current team focuses on designing websites for for clients nationwide.  Having a year of experience creating websites using React, and web technologies such as HTML, Javascript, and CSS. I have had experience in both the development side and design side of software.  I understand how to deal with clients and to deliver high quality products on a timely schedule.  I also have a little experience in some phases of product development from planning and requirement gathering, to implementing and testing. Knowledge of the processes behind deploying websites using Saas.  For personal projects, I have created several websites for mobile platforms such as Android and iOS which focused on intuitive user interfaces and rich user experience. 



Looking for a position that would allow me to create new designs and apps with my innovative ideas.  I would like to use my experience to produce creative websites that would benefit the organisation. I am a continuous learner. Learning for me equates to exploring new ideas and growing as an individual. I just cannot imagine my life devoid of designing. I freely express my creativity and imagination by designing.